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A cup of tea is like a warm hug! But be careful, that warm hug can also be what’s causing your teeth to stain.

Most people make the switch from coffee to tea hoping that it will prevent stains on their teeth. The problem is, tea is full of tannins, which cause enamel stain. The darker the tea, the more likely it is to cause stain. Can’t kick the habit? Follow these teeth whitening tips below when enjoying your favourite cup of tea:

• Drink/swish with water in between sips
• Use an environmentally friendly straw (careful, if your tea is scorching hot)
• Try adding milk/non-dairy beverage to your tea to lighten up the colour
• Brush your teeth 30 minutes after
• Use a whitening toothpaste (Colgate is my fave!) to prevent stain build up and/or our So White Teeth Whitening Pen
• Have your teeth professionally whitened every 4-6 months to target deeper stains in the enamel

Hope you have an amazing day! #sowhitetips